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The Story:
The realm is a Steampunk Fantasy hybrid, designed around a world that has fallen several times due to numerous shortcomings and wrathful entities. The realm is currently coming out of one such disaster; known as the Great Plague.

The year is 1845 After the Great Plague (1845 AGP) and the world is starting to get into its stride for expansion into the great wastelands. The first few settlements have been made on the outskirts of the Cradle of The World, and have been met with varying degrees of success. Some have gone completely missing overnight, others have thrived into bustling cities that rival some of the smaller places in the Cradle of The World.

In the expansions, there have been several conversations about separating from the cozy empires that lie safely within the Cradle of The World, but with a lack of military might and a number of other issues that include a lack of artificers, arcane studies, major churches, as well as independent armies, it has been little more than grumblings after paying their taxes and quiet musings in town meetings.

Meanwhile, the Empires of the Cradle of the World are vying for elbow room to feed and continue building in their mostly resource depleted lands. While there have been a number of conflicts that have occurred, these have been mostly written off as nothing more than petty fights among lower nobles, despite the fact that they have been viscous and implicate that elite forces and mercenaries well out of the pay scale a lesser noble could afford being hosted to wage them.

Despite the conflicts, the Empires have a relatively united front to display to the expansions, and much of the expansion is considered to be a joint effort, with major hubs that have a neutral placement, where they sell the resources in exchange for funding the needs of expansion. They include their own military and policing force, The Cinders. Much more of a mercenary force than a proper military, they have no loyalties to the empire nor to the expansion, but rather, they are a force intended to keep the expansion both safe and civilized, while mediating the movement of materials.

The characters are new recruits to The Cinders, and have been tasked with the benign job of being a presence on the Behemoth Class Inferno ship that is transporting supplies from the Empire to the Expansion city Gammorah. It is anticipated to be a quiet trip…

Additional Notes:
Maps of the World outside of the Cradle of the World are exceptionally rare, and almost always wrong. It has been only a matter of less than 100 years since the people of the Cradle of the World have been able to establish any settlements beyond the Spine of the World, and most of them have been a varying state of constant conflict with the Wild Empire. Only as recent as ten years ago were there successful settling of territory beyond the Spine of the World.

Nobles rarely travel outside the Cradle of the World. Anyone taking this background can expect that they will likely carry the same authority as any other noble beyond the Spine of the World. However, they are also likely to be the centre of attention for absolutely everyone who recognizes them as a noble.

Gnomes don’t exist in the realm. They disappeared, and many blame them for being one of the catalysts that destroyed the realm a long time ago. They are replaced by Nezumi, which use the identical stats, but are a rat people. Some have theorized that they may be gnomes that were cursed by the gods. The Nezumi believe that they are a people all of their own.

Dinosaurs. A number of them are known to exist in the realm. Most notable are Raptors, as well as Triceratops. Both are relatively common sights amongst both Halflings and the Dragon Empire.

The Shattered Realms

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